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TOTE has been named a 2012 Puget Sound Champion by the Puget Sound Partnership

June 11, 2012 – Totem Ocean Trailer Express was nominated by the South Central Action Area in recognition of their efforts to advance Puget Sound recovery through the industrial rain garden project.

The rain garden project, the first of its kind in Puget Sound, has proven the efficacy of low impact development on the treatment of storm water in industrial settings.  TOTE is proud to be a leader in proving that rain gardens are a cost-effective for businesses to meet pollution prevention requirements.

The 2012 Puget Sound Champion award will be presented by Martha Kongsgaard, chair of the PSP Leadership Council, and Gerry O’Keefe, Executive Director of the Partnership, on Monday, June 11th, 12 noon, during the South Central Caucus Group meeting at the Renton City Hall.

The Puget Sound Partnership is a community effort of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses working together to restore and protect Puget Sound.