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Interocean becomes TOTE Services

October 1, 2012 – Interocean American Shipping Corporation is now TOTE Services.

The name may have changed, but the company continues its proud history of providing operation and management services for third-party ship owners of both foreign and U.S. flag vessels owned by affiliated companies.  TOTE Services was originally founded as Interocean Management Corporation in Delaware in 1975 as the result of a merger between two established maritime companies – Cities Service Tanker Fleet and Interstate, a tug and barge firm owned by the Hooper Family. TOTE Services has been known by several names in its lifetime – Interocean Management Corporation, Interocean Ugland Management Corporation, Interocean American Shipping and now TOTE Services.

The name change comes nearly a year after the company’s parent organization, TOTE, Inc., changed its name from American Shipping Group. TOTE Services is one of six operating companies owned by TOTE, Inc. TOTE Services’ five sister companies are organized in to two lines of business: TOTE Maritime includes operating companies Totem Ocean Trailer Express and Sea Star Line. TOTE Logistics companies include Alta Logistics, Alta Transportation and Spectrum Logistics. TOTE, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries are members of the Saltchuk Resources family of brands. Saltchuk is a family-owned private investment company located in Seattle, WA.