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TOTE is one of seven business units in the Saltchuk family of companies.




Saltchuk is a second generation family business started in 1982 when it acquired its first operating company, Totem Ocean Trailer Express (now TOTE Maritime Alaska). Since then, Saltchuk has grown to include domestic and international shipping and logistics, marine services, air cargo, trucking and petroleum distribution companies.

The name Saltchuk comes from a trading language, Chinook Jargon, that was developed by the natives of the Pacific Rim in North America. After the period of contact the language adopted words used by the Europeans that the natives traded with – principally French and English. “Saltchuk” means saltwater. The company’s name is suggestive of where it comes from and what it does. Chinook Jargon was the language of business, it was inclusive of all peoples, and it was dynamic – all traits the owners feel are associated with the Company.

Each Saltchuk operating group is focused on providing a specific set of industrial services. These seven business units own and manage a group of independently managed operating companies.

To learn more about the Saltchuk family of companies, visit Saltchuk’s website.