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Ethics & Compliance


TOTE Group strives to be fully compliant with all of the laws and regulations governing the transportation and logistics industry and is committed to improving with integrity the services it provides to its customers. 
TOTE Group has developed a Corporate Compliance Program for participation by all employees of TOTE Group and its subsidiaries. The Compliance Program is designed to assist employees in complying with the increasingly complex laws and regulations governing the industry as well as general business conduct.
It is TOTE Group’s desire for this Compliance Program to aid in the identification and correction of any actual or perceived violations of any applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures as well as Saltchuk’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct.
To support and carry out the duties of this Corporate Compliance Program, Corporate Compliance Officers have been selected in each of our operating companies. The Compliance Officers will implement and monitor the administration of the Program and ensure that all potential issues or violations that employees identify are promptly addressed. 
It is TOTE Group’s expectation, that each and every one of its employees will freely communicate their concerns pertaining to any Compliance related issue to any Compliance Officer. TOTE Group will treat any such report confidentially to the maximum extent consistent with the fair and rigorous enforcement of the Corporate Compliance Program.

In addition, to further encourage reporting, Saltchuk has a third-party Hotline (1-800-270-7513) and website to which employees can report issues anonymously. Issues reported through this method must contain enough information for TOTE to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter reported. It is TOTE Groups’s express policy that no adverse action or retaliation will be taken by TOTE against any employee due to the good faith reporting of a suspected violation or irregularity..

Saltchuk University

In February 2012 TOTE Group implemented Saltchuk University, an organization-wide source for education and training.

Saltchuk U Mission: The Saltchuk University focuses on building the skills, knowledge and abilities of all employees to ensure that the TOTE Group companies, individually and collectively, deliver results that produce current-day profitability and create a safe and ethical environment necessary to foster future sustainability.

Saltchuk U  Vision: Saltchuk companies will always have a pool of employees with the appropriate knowledge and skills who are ready to meet any and all opportunities to deliver and grow business results in an ethical and safe manner.

Saltchuk U Academic Integrity: At Saltchuk University, academic integrity is expected of every member in all endeavors.  Academic integrity includes a commitment to the values of honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and respect. These values are essential to the overall success of this program. More information on the company’s values and ethics can be found in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

As part of the curriculum at Saltchuk University there are mandatory courses on specific subjects:

  • Antitrust
  • Employment Discrimination/ Harassment Prevention
  • Ethics and/or Business Codes of Conduct
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Safety
  • Social Media/Networking in the Workplace
Some of the other courses offered include but are not limited to the following topics:
  • FCPA
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Environmental Law
  • Finance
  • Employee Management (for Managers and Supervisors)
In addition, employees have the opportunity to take elective courses such as change management, emotional intelligence and interpersonal relations.