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TOTE, Inc., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, owns and oversees a portfolio of companies organized in three lines of business: Maritime, Services, and Shipholdings.

TOTE, Inc. is part of the Saltchuk family of brands. Saltchuk is building the best family of transportation and distribution companies in North America. .


Commitment to Safety

TOTE companies are dedicated to the safety and well-being of all employees. Our goal is zero accidents. Our teams work hard each day to ensure the often harsh and complex environments we work in meet and exceed all safety requirements and expectations to meet that goal. We know that even the most critical work we do is meaningless if we do not return our employees home safely and securely each day.


Environmental Excellence

For decades TOTE, Inc. companies have earned awards and accolades for their environmental commitment and industry excellence. Our companies work to exceed local and federal regulations and have implemented innovative solutions such as rain gardens in the Totem Ocean Trailer Express Tacoma Terminal to mitigate storm water contamination and shore power in that same location, eliminating all air pollution while our ships are at port.

In 2012, TOTE, Inc. announced it would be the first in the nation to convert two of our vessels operating in the Alaska trade to run on on Liquefied Natural Gas. Simultaneous with that conversion, which is estimated to complete in 2016, we are building the largest LNG-powered cargo ships in the world to serve the Puerto Rico trade.

TOTE, Inc. is proud to lead the U.S. maritime industry toward alternative fuels, virtually eliminating emissions and exceeding all environmental standards in our trade routes along U.S. coastlines.