TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico


TOTE Logistics-4C_HZTOTE Maritime Puerto Rico has been operating in the Jones Act trade since 1985. TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico  routes cargo from anywhere in North America to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The services offered by TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico are critical to life on the islands and their diverse economies. Flexible, efficient, twice-weekly service to along this dedicated trade route ensures reliable, consistent and cost-effective cargo transport for Puerto Ricans and visitors alike.

TOTE, a leader in environmental responsibility, announced in 2012 plans to convert its Maritime fleet to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG). TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico was the first in the nation to announce plans to build new ships designed to run on natural gas. In April 2015, the first Marlin Class ship, Isla Bella, was launched and will enter the trade in the fourth quarter of 2015. Her sister ship, Perla del Caribe, launched in August 2015 and will enter service in the first quarter of 2016.

By converting its fleet to natural gas, the company will create access to reliable sources of LNG in the Southeast and will help lead to the proliferation of natural gas as a transportation fuel.