• TOTE Services – Jones F. Devlin Award, Devlin Awards are awarded by the Chamber of Shipping of America to all self-propelled merchant vessels that have operated for two full years or more without a crew member incurring a lost time injury due to an occupational injury. During the ten year period 2002-2011, TOTE Services vessels have received 22 two-year awards, 11 three-year awards, nine four-year awards and 14 awards for five-years or more of injury free operation.
  • TOTE Services – Ship Safety Achievement Award, Presented by the Chamber of Shipping of America to vessels that have performed outstanding feats of safety during the course of a calendar year. Vessels are recognized for outstanding feats of safety which may include, but are not limited to: rescue; assistance to distressed vessels; transfer of ill or injured persons under difficult sea conditions; and demonstrations of safety and ship operations which have contributed to saving a life or a ship. They are actions in which the ship and crew as a whole were involved rather than individual achievement. Seven TOTE Services vessels have been recognized with this award between 2002 and 2011.
  • Sea Star Line- Jones F. Devlin Award: The Devlin Award is awarded by the Chamber of Shipping of America to all self-propelled merchant vessels that have operated for two full years or more without a crew member losing a full turn at watch because of an occupational injury. Three levels of achievement are recognized: a basic two-year award; a three year award; and a four-year award. A special award is given annually to ships with five or more years of accident-free operation.
  • Sea Star Line- AMVER Award, U.S. Coast Guard: Recognition for participation in the voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea. Using this system rescue coordinators can identify participating ships in the area of distress and divert the best-suited ship or ships to respond.
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- AMVER Award, U.S. Coast Guard, M/V Great Land / WFDP, AMVER, 30 Years 1975-2005
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express/TOTE Trucking- Saltchuk Safety Awards, No Lost Time Injuries in 2011 and Most Improved Division for Lost Time Injuries in 2011.
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Jones F. Devlin Awards, Issued the Chamber of Shipping of America, MV North Star and SS Westward Venture operated a total of 8 years with no lost time accidents, 2010


  • TOTE Services – Chamber of Shipping of America Environmental Achievement Award, To be eligible for the award, a vessel must have at least a two-year period of no reportable spills (a report of a “potential spill” is not disqualifying), no U.S. Coast Guard citations for violations of MARPOL, no port state citations for violations of MARPOL and no violations of state/local pollution regulations.16 TOTE Services-managed vessels qualify for this award, and represent over 150 combined years of service without a pollution incident.
  • Sea Star Line- VOS Award: Recognition from NOAA for participation in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Voluntary Observing Ships’ (VOS) scheme. The data they collect and especially their efforts during hurricane season are now regarded by weather agencies as crucial in the quest to better understand climate and to better predict hurricane paths and impacts. We even have a couple of photos from our 2006 presentation.
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Tacoma Environmental Business Award, Tacoma Pierce County Chamber, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- NOAA, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Orca Class vessels named weather ships of the year, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Jones F. Devlin Award, Environmental Achievement Award Issued by the Chamber of Shipping of America, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- VOS Award, NOAA, Midnight Sun record-setting marine observations record, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Environmental Achievement Award, Chamber of Shipping of America, 2008
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Citizens for a Healthy Bay and its partners in the Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tacoma program present TOTE for its strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Bill Baarsma, Mayor, City of Tacoma and Bruce Kilen, President, Citizens for a Healthy Bay, 2009
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Puget Sound Partnership Puget Sound Champion Award honoree in recognition for effort to advance Puget Sound recovery through the industrial rain garden project, 2012
  • TOTE ShipholdingsGeneral Dynamics NASSCO Environmental Star Award for Department, Large Team or Outside Organization Awards given to organizations whose leadership and efforts promote an environmental culture.


  • TOTE’s new Marlin Class vessels received Next Generation Shipping award at Nor-Shipping for the most promising design for ships that will be at sea in the coming decade. The award is given to the ship project demonstrating the greatest advances in design, as assessed with respect to energy efficiency, innovation, suitability and flexibility, technology utilization, safety and security, and environmental sustainability – June 2013
  • TOTE Services – Boeing Performance Excellence Award – 2012
  • TOTE Services – Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award- In recognition of superior supplier performance in the management of SBX-1, TOTE Services was awarded the Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award in 2007—2008 and 2010-2011, 2009-2010
  • Sea Star Line- QMS Global Inc. Board of Governors Award For Excellence – In recognition of demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and outstanding quality and environmental programs for transportation and logistics services for freight – March 2009
  • Sea Star Line- Excellence in Employee Development Awards (3) from American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) for 2008 in Program Design, in Measuring and Evaluating and Learning Partnerships;
  • Sea Star Line- UNF Excellence Awards 2006 and 2008.
  • Sea Star Line- Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Cornerstone Chairman’s Award – 2005
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- The Malcolm McLeon “Fighting the Tide Award” Action in Short Sea Shipping, U.S. Maritime Administration, NY, NY, 2004
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Sea Star Awards, ILWU Locals 23, 29, IAM Local 238, Sea Star, 30 Years a Team, 2005
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- “Club Elist 2006” Award, Glovis standards of excellence moving automobiles, 2006
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, U.S. EPA Region 10, Awards; 10 Awards In Recovery Funding to Port of Tacoma to reduce diesel emissions and create jobs, 2009


  • In 2005 TOTE Services’ Environmental Management Program first earned the ISO 14001 Certification.
  • Sea Star Line- SO Registration/Certification for Carrying All Freight (ISO 9002-2000 – now ISO 9002-2004) at all locations since 2004; ISO Registration/Certification for Environmental Systems (ISO 14001) for all locations 2008
  • Sea Star Line- Logistics Management Magazine Quest for Quality Award Winner – Ocean Carrier Division – 2009
  • Sea Star Line- Logistics Management Magazine Quest for Quality Award Winner – Ocean Carrier Division – 2010
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- ISO 14001:20004, ISO Recertification done during our May/June audit, 2010



  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Midnight Sun VOS Award, NOAA, VOS Award Recognizing TOTE’S support to the Army, 2006
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Alaska’s Jones Act-Local Hire Initiative, Key participants in deployments & return moves between Fairbanks, AK and Fort Polk, LA, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- Military Recognition, U.S. Army, Alaska, Service to the military, 2007
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express- S.S. Westward Venture, Cargo transport to Kuwait for 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing under the 595th U.S. Army Transport Group, 2007